In an emergency call 000
For advice/information call DV Connect
1800 811 811 (Women) 1800 600 636 (Men)


Fraser Coast

Domestic & Family Violence Alliance

We are a group of community-based organisations and government department representatives who have come together to make the world around us a better, happier place by assisting those experiencing domestic and family violence and educating our community.

We know that sometimes all it takes to change your world is a little support. Since our founding in 2009, we have been determined to make an impact and reduce violence in our community.

The core of our efforts is to work together to raise awareness and support families experiencing domestic and family violence to find their way to safety and support.

Help is available.

Our Partners

Whether you help through monetary donations, volunteering your time, or spreading our mission through word-of-mouth, thank you. We couldn’t accomplish our goals without the help of supporters like you and the organisations we partner with. We acknowledge and appreciate the financial support of the Gambling Fund, Hervey Bay Neighbourhood Centre and the honourable Bruce Saunders MP.

Get Involved

Are you passionate about what we’re doing? Let us know! We are always looking for volunteers to help us make our vision a reality. We’ll help you find a way to volunteer that best suits you. We’re excited to have you join the team! With the help of our tireless volunteers, we organise fundraisers, exciting community-educational events, rally’s and training sessions for our volunteers.

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We are dedicated to improving the lives of those in our community.

Your contribution today helps us make a difference.