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Love Bites Facilitator Training – 17-19th March 2021

Feb 17, 2021Blog

17-19 March 2021
Facilitator Training 
Trauma Informed


What is LOVE BiTES?

LOVE BiTES and LOVE Bites Junior are extremely successful Respectful Relationships Education Programs for young people aged 11-17 years. LOVE BiTES is based on best practice standards for education programs as recommended by the Federal Government funded Australian Domestic and Family Violence Clearing House and other leading academics in the area of violence against women.


Benefits of LOVE BiTES!

  • To provide a safe environment in which young people can talk about Domestic and Family Violence and Sexual Assault
  • To promote a model respectful relationships for young people.
  • To challenge gender stereotypes, attitudes, values and social institutions that perpetuate male violence against women.
  • To deconstruct myths that exists in local communities and society generally on Domestic Violence and Family Violence and Sexual Assault.


Sounds great!  How do I become an Facilitator?

All participants will gain knowledge and skills to facilitate the implementation of Love Bites and Love Bites Junior to students within the school environment. The training provides background information about best practice standards in respectful relationship education, as well as providing information about the theoretical frameworks that inform the programs. Additionally, participants will experience the program by participating in the activities that are delivered to young people who participate in the program.



Date:  17-19 March 2021
Time:  9am to 4pm
Where:  Maryborough RSL,163-175 Lennox St, Maryborough
Cost:  $245 per person
Course Includes: Morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea. (Only morning tea on third day)


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